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A Great Start

Originally we were booked from Baltimore to LAX to Denver to Anchorage and it was going to take us 19 hours to get to Alaska. I used miles to get free tickets for my wife and I on United. Unfortunately United wouldn’t let us book the better outbound flights on a free ticket.

So this morning we went to the airport bright and early prepared for a long day. When we checked in, the United worker behind the counter offered to change our flights to the much quicker rout through Chicago. This cuts about eight hours off of our travel time today.

To say the least we are very excited.

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Alaska Bound

My wife and I are off to Alaska next week. We have been planning this trip for a year. We started right after Jack Mills came to the Arundel Camera Club and gave a talk. His bear photography from Alaska was great. We are going with our friends Anna and David. We are flying to Anchorage. From there we have three destinations. First we are driving to Denali. Then we are flying to Brooks Falls. Finally we will drive down to Seward. Cross your fingers the weather forecast Has been rain, rain, and more rain.

I will be posting photos to my Flickr during the trip and updating my blog pending Internet access.

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