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Mike & Dawn / Anna & David

Our first day in Alaska we spent driving up to Denali stopping at every overlook. The weather was great with clear skies. I took this photo of Mt. McKinley from Denali State Park on the drive up. They said we only have a 20-30% chance of seeing the mountain due to weather on any given day. We had a 95% chance to see a bear.

Denali Mount McKinley

When we got to Denali we decided to drive into the park. You can drive the first 15 miles. At the turn around their were tour buses stopped on the bridge. That’s when we saw out first Grizzly Bear. We parked the car, got our camera equipment, and started taking photos. The bear was across the Savage River. We moved down the opposite shore taking photos. That’s when the bear charged across the river right at us. The Park Ranger on the bridge was yelling for us to run back and get in the out house. I didn’t get a shot of the bear running across the river at us because I was moving to a new position. The bear passed us by. After the excitement I was able to get this photo of the bear a little later at a safe distance.

First Grizzly

We learned a lot during our first hour at the park. 1. There is a good reason to maintain a safe distance from bears. Apparently 300 yards. 2. Bears can run very fast. 3. The best camera is the one you have with you. Our friend Anna had a point and shoot and got the photo of the charging bear.

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