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Smoker’s Hands

I won first place for this photo last night at the Arundel Camera Club. The judge really seemed to like the photo. I actually took this photo several years ago but it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. I have entered it into contest before but not placed.

For an upcoming contest with the theme of “old” I dug this photo out and reprocessed it.

To transform the original into the final version, I used Photoshop CS 4 to sharpen the image. Then I sharpened it again and lowered the opacity to taste. So this is very over sharpened. But it worked to give me the effect I wanted. This really brought out the wrinkles in his hands and detail in his shit.I also cloned out the writing on his zipper tab. I found it distracting.

Here is the original

Smoker's Hands

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