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My wife and I spent the weekend in Lancaster Pennsylvania Easter Weekend. The highlight of the weekend was our visit to the Strasburg Railroad.

I took this between the rain clearing and the sun coming out. Basically an ugly white sky. That is why I converted it to monochrome. I didn’t like the trees when I was framing the shot. I was waiting for the train to clear the trees. But in hind sight I like the smoke billowing through the leafless trees.

You can ride the train. It leaves about once an hour. The ride is only 45 minutes round trip. The engine pulls the train backwards on the outbound. But the engine is facing forwards as show in this photo on the return trip. I guess they don’t have a round table to turb the engine around.

I only liked photographing the train on the return trip. We drove down a couple of miles to a cross road and I waited for it to return. After it passed I drove down to the train station and photographed its return.

The railroad museum is across the street but we didn’t go in. I much prefer the moving train under full steam than the exhibits at the museum.

You can find more of my train photos at my flickr site.

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