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Screech Owl


If you want a great opportunity to photograph raptors, and you live near Baltimore, this is your chance. The Carrie Murray Nature Center in Baltimore is hosting its annual spring photo shoot. Animals featured will be their resident birds of prey and set them in natural settings outside. In the past they have had a barn owl, a red tailed hawks, a great horned owl, a raven, a kite, screech owls, and a vulture.

For more photos check out the Carrie Murray Nature Center Raptor Shoots

Saturday April 11, 2009
From 10 am- 3 pm
Cost is $20 for adults and $8 for children( 12 and under)

Dress for the weather! The photo shoot will take place rain or shine. No pet Please.

Please Pre-register by calling:

Lloyd Tydings
phone: (410) 396-0808
fax: (410) 265-1085

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Donna (Hi-Key)

Originally uploaded by bmthomas

I took a Beauty and Glamour workshop from Horizon Workshops up in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Steve Gottlieb is the driving force behind Horizon Workshops. The workshop was taught by Joe Edelman.

First of all this was a Beauty and Glamour workshop not a nude workshop. There is a difference.

The workshop started Friday night with a slide show and lecture and the opportunity to meet the other students. On Saturday we were supposed to have two models, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Unfortunately one didn’t show up in the afternoon. Luckily Donna agreed to stay all day.

We did a number of sets and outfits. We started with Donna wearing jeans and a sweater, then a yellow bikini, a white bikini, and finally lingerie. We did hi-key and low-key. We tried out one, two, and three light setups. We did portraits and three quarter body shots.

Saturday night we all went out for a late dinner and some socializing. We were joined by another class.

Sunday we had another model, Sarah. We did some natural light shorts of Sarah both by a window indoors and in the shade outdoors. We also did studio lighting shots of Sarah.

Donna and Sarah were very different models. Donna was curvaceous, blond, and tan. Sarah was not tan or curvaceous. She was very tall and lean and gorgeous long flowing hair.

Joe finished off Sunday by showing us the post processing he does to images. He was a wiz at Photoshop. He used liquify to make many small changes to thighs, waste, etc., smoothed skin, highlighted eyes, teeth, and lips, and he even straightened Donna’s belly button piercing.

Joe was a lot of fun. His attention to detail bordered on fanatic. He was also a little hyper. Combine the two and we had a lot of fun. Although very good at Photoshop, he very much pushed us to get the shot in camera. His business is model portfolios with model business counseling.

Chesapeake City is only a one and a half hour drive north. There are a few B&B’s in Chesapeake City and hotels nearby in Elkton.

All in all the workshop was a lot of fun and I would definitely take another one.

Published in the Bowie-Crofton Camera Club newsletter

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Bobcat Artic Wolf

I discovered the Lakota Wolf preserve in 2007. It was featured in the Tamron Newsletter. The Lakota Wolf Preserve is in New Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap and is only a four hour drive away. You can find details at their web site www.lakotawolf.com. I went there in January 2007. It was bitter cold and had snowed the night before and was worth every second and dollar.

The compound consists of four large fenced in areas. In one area there were three Artic wolves. The Artic wolves were beautiful white wolves but they were very shy. The photographer that escorted us throughout the shoot used dog biscuits to lure the wolves closer. The other enclosures had packs of Timber and Tundra wolves. There was one additional much smaller enclosure that had bobcats and foxes.

For photographers they allow you inside the outer fence. They have hinged portals cut in the fence that allows photographers to photograph the wolves without having to focus through the fence. The enclosures were large enough to easily keep the fence out of the photos. Another nice thing is that you do not need a 600mm lens. I used a 200mm when I went.

They welcome photography clubs. I just looked on their site and a two hour session is $300. As I recall they had half day and all day sessions available but they are not currently listed on their web site. This is the time of year to go while the wolves have their full winter coats and if you time it right you can get a nice snowy background.

Originally Published in the Bowie-Crofton Camera Club newsletter “THE VIEWFINDER” March 2009


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